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WOW a 28-Pound Striper on Lake Powell

WOW a 28-Pound Striper on Lake Powell
September 04
09:06 2020

Jason Burgess & friend

By: A. Wayne Gustaveson

Jason Burgess read last weeks article about the big striper caught in the main channel just downstream from Rock Creek. He paid attention to the deep diving lure used to catch the fish and purchased one before heading to Wahweap. Here is a picture of a Strike King 8XD in chartreuse shad color. The actual lure used to catch the big striper was a Strike King 10XD which dives deeper than the 8XD.

Jason started out using bait near Buoy one and caught a few stripers. Bait fishing was not fast in the warm surface water so he decided to try the deep diving lure. He trolled in Wahweap Bay without any success. Then he tried near the mouth of Ice Cream Canyon across from Stateline ramp. He trolled near an exposed rock island with a fast falling ledge that quickly descended down to 80 feet. When the lure passed the shallow water and headed into deep water he felt a hard strike and the battle was on. It still takes about 15 minutes for a big striper to leave the deep cool water and then come up to the surface. That was how long it took before Jason saw what he was expecting – a huge striped bass. The fish rolled on top of the warm water layer and the battle was over.

Jason landed the monster and then headed 1/2 mile into Stateline launch ramp. He towed the boat up the ramp and then headed a quarter of a mile up to the Utah Wildlife office and found me working in the boat shed. I stopped what I was doing, got the certified scale out and weighed the big striper. His fish weighed 28.7 pounds, with a length of 42 inches, and a girth of 25 inches. That is a trophy striper and even larger than the fish caught last week.

The conclusion of this story is if you want to catch a trophy striper in the 80 degree surface water now at Lake Powell, you must use lures that dive near 30 feet which is the depth of the Thermocline which separates warm water from cool water in a stratified reservoir. Stratification is the division of the water column into layers with different desensitizes caused by differences in temperature.

Congratulations to Jason Burgess – you did everything right! I also read the scales from this big fish and found that it was 10 years old.

WOW a 28-Pound Striper on Lake Powell - overview

Summary: WOW A 28-Pound Striper on Lake Powell


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