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Would You Like Fries With That?

Would You Like Fries With That?
July 02
12:09 2018

After a little late-night partying a Navajo man made several poor decisions on June 3 – and the last one was a whopper.

Harrison Yazzie, of Sanders, Ariz., had had a few drinks – or so Gallup, N.M., police claim – when he made the first of his bad choices. He decided to get behind the wheel of his car.

Then Yazzie decided to cap his evening off with some tasty fast food. He pulled into the drive-thru lane at the Gallup Burger King to order some food.

Only instead of ordering anything Yazzie promptly fell asleep, blocking the lane. Things like that tend to get noticed. But when an employee managed to get Yazzie’s attention, the 60-year-old man decided it best to flee the scene.

Yazzie left the drive-thru by driving over the curb – and then drove down an embankment in front of the restaurant.

After failing field sobriety tests Yazzie was arrested for aggravated DWI.

A second Navajo man had a similar experience on June 19.

Blaine Morgan, 32, of Fort Wingate, also had a late-night craving. He pulled into the drive-thru lane at a Gallup McDonald’s. Morgan successfully ordered his meal without mishap – though he failed to notice the vehicle behind him was a police car.

As Morgan drove off, a McDonald’s employee informed the officer that Morgan had slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol.

The officer followed Morgan along Route 66 before pulling him over. As he got out of the car to do a sobriety test Morgan stumbled and had to use the car to keep himself erect. He was charged with DWI and not having proof of insurance.

When it comes to food cravings it seems like anyone can be led astray at times.

Just ask Richard Salamon, the city manager of Sunrise, Fla.

In the mood for some bundt cake, Salamon drove to Nothing Bundt Cakes to redeem his coupon for a free cake.

But when he was informed that his coupon had expired Salamon asked the employee to bend the rules and let him have his free bundt cake. When that didn’t work, the city manager became enraged.

The issue ended up before the Sunrise City Council as the bakery owner Dannie Augustin informed politicians of Salamon’s nasty behavior.

The council plans a special meeting July 5 to decide if Salamon should be fired from his $204,000-a-year job.

All because of a bundt cake valued at $3.99!

It seems even animals make poor decisions when they get the munchies.

A young raccoon was in a jam, but Kentucky police responded in a jiffy! A Paducah police officer rescued the hapless raccoon that had gotten its head caught in a peanut butter jar.

At least the raccoon enjoyed its meal. That wasn’t the case in India.

Technicians were sent to find out why an ATM machine wasn’t working. That’s when they began to smell a rat – literally.

A rat had somehow gotten inside the ATM machine and ate $18,000 worth of rupee notes before it died!


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