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“World War III Has Begun”

“World War III Has Begun”
March 25
10:30 2015
Alan Tsingine 3 24 15

Retired educator Alan Tsingine

By Mike Reilley

What’s to become of the Navajo Nation’s chief justice? We will apparently find out very soon. At Tuesday night’s meeting  (3/24) in Lechee of the Navajo Voters’ Rights Coalition, Alan Tsingine told the large crowd that it appears Navajo President Ben Shelly is behind the movement to get Herb Yazzie out of office.

Along with dozens of other Lechee residents, also attending the Tuesday meeting was Chris Deschene, a Lechee resident himself. He is the one at the center of the election controversy ever since two failed presidential candidates began dogging his candidacy last August with motions submitted to the Office of Hearings and Appeals and the Navajo Supreme Court. 

Tsingine, addressing the audience, said that in conversation Monday with Navajo Nation Council delegate Leonard Tsosie, Tsosie told him that Shelly wants Yazzie gone; and soon!

Tsosie told Tsingine that he would begin his efforts on Tuesday (3/24). He also emphasized that Yazzie needs to be fired and not allowed to resign or retire. Otherwise, he would walk away with a lot of Navajo Nation money.

“World War III has begun,” said Tsingine on Tuesday.

The coalition has been having chapter after chapter voting on a resolution to have the chief justice tossed from his job. As of Tuesday night 56-chapters had overwhelmingly approved the resolution, which represents more than fifty percent of the Nation’s 110-chapters.

So, apparently, the war is on.

“By next week he may be out,” added Tsingine.

Navajo residents who wish to make a comment about the confusion over the Presidential election, can do so between now and the weekend (ending 3/29) by emailing comments to: [email protected]v 

The comments cannot be anonymous and must be sent through a legitimate email address.

The coalition’s Tsingine also told the group that Joe Shirley Jr., one of the presidential candidates, and the person who selected Herb Yazzie to his current position when he (Shirley) was President, has reportedly begun a petition drive himself, asking that Yazzie be kept on the Nation’s Supreme Court.

“It is World War III,” said Tsingine about Shirley’s alleged efforts.

Evidently, the ballots for April 21st have been printed, but things can still happen to change who is ultimately on the ballot. Right now it’s Shirley vs. Russell Begaye. But stay tuned, the momentum right now points toward there still could be a fluency referendum prior to a presidential election.

It’s all still very much in the air.

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