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Winter Help For Navajo Families

Winter Help For Navajo Families
December 10
10:21 2015

The Navajo Department of Self Reliance (DSR) is providing a one-time Winter Assistance Payment to eligible DSR customers.

The payments are meant to help DSR families meet the higher costs of basic needs, such as heating, during the winter months. In addition, families with school-aged children could use the money for items such as clothing, food and utilities.

“Many of our customers will have additional expenses while their children are at home during the school winter break,” DSR Department Manager Roxanne Gorman said.

The DSR administers the tribe’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. TANF is federally funded through a block grant aimed at helping families and caregivers meet the basic needs of children in their care.

“The DSR is about the children,” said Gorman. “Without a minor child in the benefit group you cannot be a customer.”

To receive DSR benefits you must meet eligibility requirements, care for a minor child and take part in authorized activities. DSR staff also assist customers in reaching other goals, such as education and job training.

To find out more about the Winter Assistance Payment or DSR, contact an office near you. In the Tuba City area, call (866) 731-7015 and in Kayenta, call (928) 697-5660.

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