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Winter Fell on Game of Thrones

Winter Fell on Game of Thrones
April 14
20:05 2019

“Chaos is a ladder.”

Those were the words of the late Lord Baelish on the HBO mega-hit “Game of Thrones. Those were the words repeated back to him by Bran Stark, now the all-seeing Three-Eyed Raven.

And chaos is what fans of the series have come to expect. It started during the show’s first season when it killed off the best-known actor in  the cast, Sean Bean (Ned Stark), and continued through the Red Wedding, the ignoble end of King Joffery and the season seven reveal that the person with the strongest claim to the iron throne is Jon Snow, thought to be an illegitimate child.

There was a year-long wait between the end season seven and this final romp through Westeros.

With only six episodes the HBO series has a lot of questions that need answering.

Like, who is the Night King? This mysterious figure, with the power to raise the dead, has been built up as the main baddie in the show. But the Night King has yet to speak a word! Who is he – the missing 13th lord commander of the Night’s Watch? An ancestor of the Stark line?

And why does he want to destroy the world of men?

How will the malicious Queen Cersei meet her end? At the hands of her brother/lover Ser Jaime Lannister or her imp brother, Lord Tyrion? Will Jon Snow do the deed, or perhaps his assassin-sister Arya Stark?

What will be the fate of Tyrion Lannister? He now serves as Hand of the Queen, top advisor to Queen Daenerys – the Khaleesi and mother of dragons. Will he betray the Khaleesi in the end? Does he love her? Will family loyalty win out?

Daenerys is fighting Tyrion’s sister for the Iron Throne, with each believing they are the rightful heir. But neither are.

That right belongs to Jon Snow. He is currently having an affair with Daenerys – neither realizing the truth that she is Jon Snow’s aunt!

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

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