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Where is Lyle Jeffs?

Where is Lyle Jeffs?
July 26
14:21 2016

Although Lyle Jeffs remains on the lamb, the FBI has been receiving tips about the whereabouts of the FLDS leader.

Lyle Jeffs

Lyle Jeffs

Special Agent-in-Charge Eric Barnhart of the FBI’s Salt Lake field office is confident Jeffs will be captured.

“We have a job to do now, and that’s to take Mr. Jeffs into custody,” he said. “It’s big world but it’s actually gotten smaller over the years. We have broad reach. We are, obviously, aware Mr. Jeffs has a support network both in Utah, the United States, Canada and Mexico, other places overseas — we have 90 plus offices overseas.”

Barnhart said Thursday that the FBI believes Jeffs had help escaping. Agents are looking for a dark colored, late-model Ford Mustang that pulled into the Salt Lake City home he was staying at and drove away a short time later.

The 56-year-old, who is the brother of the sect’s highest leader Warren Jeffs, was supposed to be on home confinement while awaiting trial. Lyle Jeffs escaped less than two weeks after he was released from jail. The escape wasn’t a surprise to prosecutors, who argued that Jeffs was a flight risk to U.S. District Judge Ted Stewart.

According to authorities, Jeffs apparently used olive oil, or some other lubricant, to slip his GPS monitor off of his ankle.

Jeffs is one of 11 people accused in a massive food stamp fraud scheme. Allegedly, FLDS members handed over food stamp benefits to the leaders of the church for their own personal use. According to Federal prosecutors, the fraud is said to have exceeded $12 million.

Anyone with information on Jeffs’ whereabouts is asked to call the FBI at 801-579-1400.

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