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Western Agency Council to Vote on NGS Resolution

Western Agency Council to Vote on NGS Resolution
March 23
11:17 2017

Representatives from 18 chapters across the Navajo Nation will be gathering in Cameron for a Western Agency Meeting on Saturday.

A lot of the talk at the meeting will revolve around the Navajo Generating Station situation, which is currently at a stalemate as an unsigned lease still has the future of the plant up in the air. LeChee Chapter President Jerry Williams is encouraging everyone to attend to learn about the situation and to vote for a resolution that he hopes to pass along to the Navajo Legislature.

“We want to hit the Navajo Nation Western Agency Council because 18 chapters will be there and we want to provide them with information so they can make their vote. Hopefully they vote yes and pass the resolution,” Williams said. “We’re trying to get as much information out there and get people to come to these meetings and voice their opinions.”

The resolution attempting to gain approval of the chapters before going to the Navajo Nation Council essentially has two parts. The first part would like to have an agreement done by July of this year so the plant will stay open until 2019. If there is no lease, and there is no agreement, then the plant will shut down in July of this year and decommissioning the plant will start immediately.

The second part of the resolution seeks to keep the door open for other entities to come in and run the power plant. Seeking to extend the life of the power plant coincides with what Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye said at a meeting in Washington last month. Begaye want options to be explored that would keep the plant open until 2029, saying the extra decade would help the Navajo Nation transition more easily into an economic landscape without NGS.

Williams wants to have the resolution ready to present to the Navajo Nation Council and President Begaye by May 1st.

Stressing how vital it is to inform the people, Williams said, “It’s important to get the information out, the correct information so that people can understand and help us out with what we have going for our resolution.”

The Western Agency Council meeting will take place Saturday, at 9 a.m. DST, at Dzil Libei Elementary School (Gray Mountain).

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