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Wednesday Hearing for Lyle Jeffs

Wednesday Hearing for Lyle Jeffs
April 05
15:11 2016
Sam Brower

Sam Brower

The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is in the news this week, as Warren Jeffs’ brother, Lyle, appears before a judge Wednesday to see about being released from jail. Lyle Jeffs is a suspect in the FLDS food stamp fraud case.

Last week another Jeffs’ brother, Seth, also a suspect in the case, was released to await trial. He was released even though he is a convicted felon.

Lake Powell Communications spoke to Sam Brower, author of “Prophet’s Prey,” the book that more or less brought down Warren Jeffs, the FLDS “prophet.” We asked him if he thought that Lyle Jeffs would be released.

“After the release of his brother, Seth Jeffs, I’m really not sure how it’s going to go now,” said Brower.

Sam Brower will actually testify at the hearing for Lyle Jeffs. If Jeffs is released, the author says there is one of two things that will happen. For one, he might just jump bail and disappear forever.

“He has no respect for the law or any conditions of release,” he said. “There a very good possibility that he could just leave and be in the wind.”

Lyle Jeffs has property in Mexico.

Brower’s other train of thought is that it will just be business as usual.

“He’ll have access to his henchmen, he’ll continue to run the church, which is not a church, it’s a criminal organization,” said Brower.

He believes if Lyle Jeffs is released he will not obey any of the court mandates that are part of the release.

Interestingly, in the past there have been two federal magistrates that have referred to the Jeffs brothers, and others involved in the case, as flight risks. But that hasn’t been the case with Judge Ted Stewart, a Senior US District Judge in the US District Court in the District of Utah.

“And now this district judge in Salt Lake is turning them all loose,” Brower said. “I have a tendency to think that there’s this sense of apathy; that the FLDS is just some sort of quirky religious polygamist group. Yet, the man in charge of this crime syndicate is probably America’s most infamous serial pedophile, and he’s serving life in prison.”

He’s speaking of Warren Jeffs, who Brower says is still running the FLDS from behind his Texas prison walls.

“He’s completely and totally insane.”

Back to Lyle Jeffs and his hearing on Wednesday, Brower says if he is released, “No good will come from it.”

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