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Wayne’s Weekly Lake Powell Fishing Report

Wayne’s Weekly Lake Powell Fishing Report
April 28
04:08 2021

April 28, 2021
Lake Elevation 3562
Water Temperature 56-62 F

Dick Buck

Lake Powell water elevation has declined a foot in the last week. Fortunately, inflow has increased from 8,000-Acre Feet to 10,000 AF while outflow still exceeds 21,000-AF. That means the lake is still declining. Continue to use great caution everywhere on Lake Powell. Water temperature continues to hold near 56 F each morning. That will change by the weekend as the forecast now calls for 90 F air temperature and remains in the 80s next week.

Warmer weather means bass will begin their spawning activity. The expected water temperatures will increase into the mid 60’s which is the spawning trigger for largemouth, smallmouth and crappie. Largemouth bass and crappie look for brushy cover to build their nests. Since brush is not common in the lowering lake, look for largemouth and crappie to hide out under over hanging rocks. There are not many tumbleweeds but the recent windy weather may have blown a few tumbleweeds into the water. Be observant for any shadowy rocky areas, old branches, or other unusual looking habitat where bass and crappie may hide. These newly built nests will standout as they are usually a lighter color than the normally dark colored rocks or muddy bottom structure. The main lake is still very clear so bass nest are visible in 3-5 feet of water. They will remain visible until the lake begins to rise. Smallmouth can make nests in rocks anywhere as they do not try to hide in brushy water. These smallmouth nests will also be in 3-5 feet of water. As usual, I recommend returning nest-guarding bass to the water if they are caught while protecting their eggs and young fish.

Striped bass will spawn during the next 2-3 weeks. They spawn on the surface in the middle of the night. They will not be easy to find. We know that stripers are easy to find at the normal bait fishing spots lakewide. If you wanted to find some larger, healthier fish then go fishing after dark. They tend to hang out in the same cove year after year. Find a striper cove and camp there overnight. Use a very small lure, like a white Clouser minnow fly behind a bubble filled with water. Yamamoto D-Shad are very effective as well. Cast into the schools of fish visible on the graph. I often make the early morning run uplake and fish these coves at dawn in the shade of the east wall. Once the sun hits the water, spawning striper fishing is over for the day.

During the day, bait fishing is great lakewide. Go to the many previously reported spots from Wahweap to Bullfrog. To find fish at a new location, watch the graph for a school of fish between 25-50 feet. Chum with anchovies. Put a chunk of bait on a Yamamoto circle hook or an Owner octopus hook. I prefer size number 2 or 4 hooks depending on current size of striped bass. Hook size may be more important than brand or style. When stripers in the school are bigger (2-4 pounds), then a larger hook may be better. With circle hooks it is important to set it with a sweeping motion instead of a jerk of the wrist. It is possible to just start reeling when a bite is felt with a circle hook but don’t jerk. If you jerk, then use a lead head jig and your hook set style will match your terminal tackle. I am a jerk, so I use a jig head.

Walleye are in prime feeding mode during the month of May. Bottom bouncers with a worm attached are great baits to target these shallow bottom-dwellers. Trolling deep diving walleye lures is another option. Target a flat bottom, or a ridge surrounded by deep water. Rocky points extending out from the shoreline may provide good walleye habitat right where the point drops off into deeper water. Try to match the lure with the bottom structure to prevent snags that slow down fishing success. If you catch a walleye using any of these methods, turn around and fish the same spot again. Walleye are not a schooling fish but they often hangout on the same structure. It is not unusual to catch a bunch of walleye in the same spot.

Fishing success is going to improve lakewide in the next few days as the water gets warmer.

Dick Buck, Page, AZ, caught a 4-pound largemouth bass on his fish fishing trip to Lake Powell in 2021.

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