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Wayne’s Weekly Lake Powell Fishing Report

Wayne’s Weekly Lake Powell Fishing Report
April 08
09:02 2021

April 7, 2021
Lake Elevation 3565
Water Temperature 56-60 F

Water temperature is rising. It was 56F this morning after a hot weekend with air temperatures in the 80s. Now daily temperatures are in the 70s so the lake temperature will soon climb into the 60’s. This is exciting because bass spawn in warm water from 62-66F. Add in the crystal clear water over most of the main lake, and the opportunities to see bass actively building nests, then guarding nests is an exciting experience. Bass build nests in about 3 feet of water. As the lake begins to rise, the nests get deeper and are harder to see. With the predicted small runoff, these nests will be visible for most of April. Expect spawning to happen in late April but enjoy watching bass build nests in the next few weeks. Nest builders and guardians are male bass. If you catch a bass guarding a nest, please release that fish so he can get back to protecting his brood.

In the northern lake, fishing success for walleye and an occasional crappie is improving as the water warms. Slow troll a 1/8th ounce crappie jig to target crappie. Crappie hang out in brush when it is present. Look for submerged tumbleweeds and old tree stumps and branches when targeting crappie.

Walleye like a bit of night crawler attached to a bass jig. Trolling with deep diving crankbaits also works. Walleye like to hold at 15 feet. Deep divers, slow trolled along a shallow flat, is often effective.

From Bullfrog south to Wahweap, the main action is striped bass. Stripers are hungry due to the lack of shad over the past couple of months. Stripers have moved toward deep water looking for whatever food they can find. There is great excitement as the hungry stripers see chunks of fish bait slowly drifting down into deep water. Anchovies cut up in one-inch chunks can really get a striper school going. They eat all the bait they see, including the chunks with a hook in it. There are big schools hanging out at predictable spots. The dam buoy line is a good one because stripers are swimming with the current toward the dam. After arriving at the dam they can swim no farther so they turn around and congregate along the canyon walls. Throw out some chum, then put a chunk of anchovy on your weighted hook and cast it out 30-40 feet and let it fall. Let it sink, then work it very slowly back to the boat at 30-50 feet.

Bait fishing works at the dam and Buoy 3 (right shore before the turn to Antelope Canyon). More striper bait spots include: Navajo Canyon mouth, and many rocky points all the way to the back of Navajo Canyon. Labyrinth Canyon wall. Buoy 25 wall and cove. Major points in Last Chance and Rock Creek. Basically, you can try bait anywhere and you may find hungry fish willing to cooperate. If you see a school of fish on the graph, throw out some chum, followed by a baited hook to catch hungry stripers.

Catfish are active at night. They like bait laying on the sandy bottom. Try anchovies, night crawlers, hot dog rounds and other leftovers from supper to target catfish.

Bluegill and Green Sunfish will become active as the water continues to warm during April.

Wayne’s Weekly Lake Powell Fishing Report - overview

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