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Water Planners Feel Pressure

Water Planners Feel Pressure
January 11
10:19 2019

Arizona lawmakers feeling the pressure to approve the Lower Basin Drought Contingency Plan before the Federal deadline coming up. State legislators convene next Monday and if they fail to approve the drought plan (that’s yet to be finalized) that would buoy Lake Mead which is now only 39 percent full, the Bureau of Reclamation has threatened to move in at the end of the month to take action to prop up both Lake Mead and Lake Powell which seems the least desirable outcome to those who have been working hard for years to refine the contingency plan to help save the Colorado River.

California state leaders not taking any chances, in case Arizona fails to approve a plan they have already been pulling more than 600,000 acre feet of its excess water out of Lake Mead and relocating it to storage in southern California.

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