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Washington, DC Asking for Lake Powell Help

Washington, DC Asking for Lake Powell Help
May 28
13:52 2021

The following is a copy of the letter sent to the US Army Corps of Engineers, asking for their help in light of Lake Powell’s low levels.

Col. James J. Handura
Sacramento District
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
1325 J Street — Room 1513
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Colonel Handura:
We are writing to request a status report on the Army Corp of Engineers (Army Corps) plan to keep Lake Powell accessible to boaters this summer. As you know, due to historic drought throughout the Western United States, Lake Powell is currently forecast to be at 29% of capacity for the summer—the  lowest level since the reservoir was initiated in 1963.

With these extremely low levels, current boating facilities including docks, ramps and utility extensions must be moved as soon as possible to allow recreation to proceed on the lake this summer. Lake Powell is a significant economic driver for northern Arizona, supporting over $500 million in revenue to neighboring communities and Native American tribal lands.

Recreation on the lake supports nearly 5,000 direct and indirect jobs in the area. It is our understanding that the National Park Service (NPS) and its concessionaires have developed a short term plan to accommodate boating on Lake Powell with these unfortunate water conditions but are awaiting approval from the Army Corps.

As Memorial Day approaches, it is imperative that boaters are able to access the marinas at Lake Powell. In previous drought years, NPS has been granted a letter of permission from the Army Corps to mitigate issues related to low water. This type of agreement enables the NPS and concessionaires the latitude to work quickly within certain parameters without a reporting
requirement. We would request that a similar approval be granted in this drought year.

Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter in accordance with applicable rules, regulations, guidelines, and laws.

Mark Kelly and Krysten Sinema

Members, US Senate

& Tom O’Halleran

Member of US Congress

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