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Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp Ready to Go

Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp Ready to Go
August 11
15:33 2021

Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp to Provide Continued Access for Some Vessels 

Auxiliary ramp being constructed last week

PAGE, AZ – Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is announcing that the Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp in South Lake Powell will be available for the launch and retrieval of some motorized vessels as early as Thursday, August 12, 2021.  As previously advised, the Wahweap Main Ramp will soon become unusable for all motorized vessels due to low water conditions. The Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp will provide temporary and limited access to South Lake Powell while the Stateline Auxiliary Ramp rehabilitation is underway.

The Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp was designed and constructed in the 1960s as a temporary ramp for small vessels and has been fully or partially submerged since that time, rendering the asphalt extremely friable. The following requirements are being implemented to preserve the structural integrity of the Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp for boaters, administrative use, and emergencies:

Vessel size limits: Use of the Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp will be limited to motorized vessels that are less than 36 feet in length and do not require Arizona Department of Transportation Oversize Permitting for highway travel (up to 8 feet 6 inches vessel beam [width]). Vessels that exceed these dimensions will not be allowed to launch.

Accessing the Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp: Boaters will access the Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp from the Wahweap Main Ramp.  Signage and/or NPS staff will be onsite to help direct traffic.

Day use only: The Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp will be open from 6 a.m. MST until 7:30 p.m. MST each day.  Launching and retrieving vessels outside of operating hours is prohibited. (Boaters should anticipate seasonal adjustments to ramp operating hours. Operating hour changes will be posted.)

No solo launch or retrieval: No courtesy dock will be available so boaters must have a boat operator and a vehicle driver.

Up to 2 trailers at one time: No more than two trailers will be allowed on the ramp at one time.  Boiler plate ramp materials have been installed to aid boaters. The ramp and boiler plate materials are narrow.

Prepare boats before accessing the ramp: To ease congestion and facilitate boat access at the ramp, please prepare vessels prior to reaching the ramp access point.

Use caution: There will be limited space for access, egress, and turn-around at the top of the Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp. Please be cautious. Four-wheel drive vehicles are highly recommended.

No parking on Wahweap Main Ramp or Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp:  Parking will remain in designated parking lots only.

Non-motorized vessels: Visitors may continue to launch and retrieve nonmotorized vessels at the Wahweap Main Ramp.

Temporary closures/additional restrictions possible: Please be advised that temporary closures and/or additional launching restrictions may occur to install ramp materials and assess ramp conditions.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is monitoring ramp conditions on a daily basis. Please check the park’s website often about the status of preferred launch destinations before heading to the lake. Information about ramp status is available 24-7 on our website at:


Featured Photo: From above, the Wahweap auxiliary ramp while under instruction last weekend.

Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp Ready to Go - overview

Summary: Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp to Provide Continued Access for Some Vessels 


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