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Viresco Energy Withdraws From Kanab

January 10
00:49 2014

kanab_smallIt’s a no go for a controversial and experimental coal gas plant in Kanab as Viresco Energy has officially withdrawn their bid for experimentation on coal gasification in Southern Utah. Activist groups, including the Taxpayer Association of Kane County and KanabCares have been working for three years to keep the industrial project out of their community.

On December 16, 2013 Viresco cancelled the lease of their land from the School and Institution Trust Lands Administration confirming that the Riverside, California energy company will not be building their coal gas plant in Southwest Utah.

The plant, which had the support of Utah Governor Gary Herbert and other politicians, was a bone of contention in the Kanab community. The Taxpayer Association of Kane County launched a ballot initiative, three appeals, and two lawsuits claiming failure to comply with federal, state, and local laws and failure to protect it’s citizens from health and financial risks according to the association’s president, Dr. Sky Chaney.

Whether for or against the plant, many were disappointed in the much-needed money the city had to spend on legal fees. Others claim the issue has painted the Kanab community as business unfriendly. Proponents also claim strict EPA standards and guidelines compliance would have guaranteed a safe operating facility and bemoan the loss of jobs and alternative fuel research the plant would have provided.

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