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Valley Fever Testing Available

Valley Fever Testing Available
June 12
11:27 2018

You may have heard of Valley Fever- a condition associated with body aches, constant headache, fever and possibly a rash; in the past, most Arizonans typically would get it after being out in a big dust storm during a monsoon, but lately the connected fungus has been showing up in other parts of the world, often tracking back to Arizona as the place of origin. Researchers studying migration patterns have found spores from Texas as far away as Venezuela, and in Washington from as far as California. Sonora lab research indicates a normal gust of wind is all it takes to pull spores into the air and into your lungs. This year Arizona CDC reporting 56% more cases than there were this time last year. Ask your doctor for a Valley Fever blood test if you’re experiencing symptoms. For more information visit Sonora Quest.



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