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Vacation Home Rental Ordinance Discussed

November 18
12:51 2014

Vacation RentalThe Vacation Home Rental Ordinance was discussed again by the Page Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday, November 18, at 5:30 PM at City Hall.  The past two years have seen a continuing struggle between residents who do not want vacation home rentals in their backyard, the rights of property owners to use their property as they see fit, and the economic needs of the community.

Residents who do not want vacation home rentals in their backyard maintain that renters disrupt the calm demeanor of their neighborhood.  Most are not opposed to the concept of vacation home rentals, but just do not want rentals in their neighborhood.  Rim View residents have been most vocal in their opposition to rentals in their neighborhood.

Property owners maintain that they have the right to use their property as they see fit.  While it may be difficult to sell your property at this time in Page, there seems to be no shortage of vacationers who want to rent homes in Page.  Some property owners have converted all or part of their homes to vacation home rentals because of the positive cash flow generated.  Other property owners purchased homes specifically for vacation home rental.  Property owners are making decisions that benefit them economically in return for their large investment in the real estate market of Page.

The economic needs of the community are far reaching.  Neighbors benefit from the appraised value of the vacation home rental property as opposed to vacant properties. Sales tax is collected on the rentals so residents of the City of Page, county and state benefit from the increased revenue.  Visitors who would otherwise find no vacancy at all available motel/hotel rooms are accommodated in the variety of vacation home rentals available.  Local property owners spend their revenues here in Page for supplies, maintenance, repair and improvement of their properties.

The Planning and Zoning Commission meeting was chaired by Leroy Wickland and several opinions and concerns about utility rates,  tax rates and occupancy limitations were voiced during the “Hear from the Citizens” portion of the agenda.  Since vacation bookings are being handled now for the Spring, a concern about tax rate changes was voiced.  Several citizens were concerned also about occupancy limitations and the need to accommodate families and family reunions.

The Vacation Home Rental Ordinance item on the agenda was labelled “Discussion Only,” so no action is anticipated until March of 2015, according to Wickland.  Wickland said that the voiced opinions would be taken into consideration when revisiting the Vacation Rental Ordinance. The Vacation Home Rental Ordinance regulates the operating conditions.

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