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Utah Requesting Border Travel Declarations

Utah Requesting Border Travel Declarations
April 09
11:54 2020

Beginning on Friday, April 10, 2020, The State of Utah will be looking for travel declarations from visitors to the state. The Governor issued the order on Wednesday, April 9, 2020, which requests those over the age of 18 to complete the declaration. 

At Salt Lake City International Airport, people who arrive on inbound flights will be given a similar travel declaration card. But those crossing the border by vehicle, on certain roadways, will also be asked questions like where they’ve been and how they are feeling …on their phones. People who travel across the state line will get a text message through the emergency alert system. It will then direct them to a website where they will be asked to fill out the travel declaration. Officials said officers will not be stopping vehicles at state borders. 

The inbound travel monitoring system will ask travelers if they’ve been tested for COVID-19, and what the results are. Also asked will be questions about travel previous to arriving in Utah and if travelers are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. Data gathered will be sent to the Utah Department of Health. 

The Executive Director of UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation), Carlos Braceras, said there are no plans for punitive measures if someone fails to comply with filling out the declaration at the checkpoint, adding the measure is meant to gather data on those entering the state.

People can also go to the web site and fill out the form in advance or fill out the form when they reach their destination or are able to do it safely in their stopped vehicle. There will not be anyone checking to see if someone entered the state and filled the form out.

The geo-fencing virtual checkpoints will be located at nine different points of entry to the state including I-80, I-15, and I-70. Points include the Utah-Arizona border port of entry on Interstate 15 and the border crossing on U.S. Highway 89 near Kanab. According to Kane County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Alan Alldredge, people crossing near Big Water probably won’t be getting the text requests and if it does happen, it shouldn’t happen every time you cross into Utah on 89. Once the information has been logged into the system, no more alerts should be received. 

At the time of this article, over 1,800 positive cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in Utah. Since the beginning of the outbreak, 158 have been hospitalized in Utah and there are 13 fatalities. 

In similar news, Arizona State Governor Doug Ducey just issued the order that travelers to Arizona who are coming from “known areas with substantial coronavirus community spread through any airport in the state” be quarantined or isolated for 14 days.

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