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Utah Feedback Period for Medicaid Waiver

Utah Feedback Period for Medicaid Waiver
June 07
08:22 2019

Utahans can comment over the next few weeks on a proposed federal eleven-fifteen (1115) Waiver that the state needs, to implement partial Medicaid expansion. Officials with the Utah Legislature are seeking federal approval of the plan they came up with to replace the full Medicaid expansion Utah voters approved last November. Backers of the partial plan say they’re optimistic that federal officials will grant their request. But Stacy Stanford with the Utah Health Policy Project says Medicaid may not approve program exceptions for Utah that they haven’t okayed for other states.

In a controversial move, the Utah Legislature overturned the full Medicaid expansion, replacing it with a more limited plan that backers say would protect the state from cost increases. Comments on the state plan will be taken at a public meeting on June 17th at the Multi-Agency State Office Building in Salt Lake City.  Information about the limited expansion and how to deliver public comments is online at The deadline is June 30th.

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