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Uranium Mine Coming Back to San Juan County?

Uranium Mine Coming Back to San Juan County?
August 16
11:46 2016

Energy Fuel Resources is asking the federal government to allow it to reopen a dormant uranium mine in San Juan County and to greatly expand its operations.

Thousands of tons of uranium ore were taken from the White Canyon mine during the Cold War years, but collapsing interest in nuclear power closed it down.

Now, Energy fuel is asking the Bureau of Land Management for a permit to mine 100,000 tons over a 20-year period. The mine footprint would grow from 4.5 acres to 46.

Both the Navajo and Hopi tribes have advised the BLM that they are concerned about possible damage to ancient cultural sites.

Uranium sells for $25 a pound on the spot market. The price per pound when the mine shut down was $50

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