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Updating Navajo Agency Facilities

Updating Navajo Agency Facilities
June 20
06:06 2018

The Office of the President and Vice President wants to see more tribal facilities become handicapped accessible.

“Many of our Navajo people, including our elderly, suffer from disabilities,” Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye said.

His administration is pushing a Facilities Management plan to update entryways and restrooms in all tribal buildings so disabled people have easier access.

The buildings to be updated include food distribution programs, agency buildings, police departments and veterans’ administration offices among other facilities.

Vice President Jonathan Nez signed contracts with Navajo-owned M.O.B. Construction, LLC, to install ADA ramps, signage and concrete parking pads at tribal facilities in every agency.

The contracts also address updating restrooms to ADA standards.

“Installing handicap ramps, grab bars and designating handicap parking make a huge difference in assisting our disabled relatives,” Nez said. “These standardizations further the ways that we take care of each other according to K’é.”

The updates total over $470,000 and the scope of work is scheduled to be completed by mid-November.

“This is a big start toward upgrading all facilities across the Nation,” Vice President Nez said. “We need to keep the Navajo Nation accessible for all people.”


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