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Updates on Several Fires

Updates on Several Fires
July 07
11:03 2017

Brush fires have been a constant in the news of late, and they don’t seem to be going away….maybe not until the rains come and the temperatures go down.

Those battling the Brian Head Fire in Southern Utah are making headway, with the fire now at 75% containment. Full containment is predicted for a week from Saturday (July 15).

Fire fighters in nearby Cedar City had two brush fires to contend with Thursday night. Both were suspected to have been started by firecrackers.

In Yavapai County, Arizona, the Goodwin Fire is getting very close to 100% containment.

On the Navajo Nation, there was a wild fire on Monday that could have been far worse.

VP Jonathan Nez


It seems a rancher was using fireworks to control his cattle and things quickly got out of hand. Fortuneatly, the fire was put-out before it had spread too much.

On Facebook Navajo Vice President Jonathan Nez expressed disappointment that the rancher was using fireworks. There is a ban across the reservation, in all four states, on any use of fireworks whatsoever.

“There is a ban on fireworks across the Navajo Nation due to the dry conditions, said the Vice President. To utilize fireworks under these conditions is not only irresponsible, but a hazard to the community as well.”

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