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Two Wins for the Sand Devils!

Two Wins for the Sand Devils!
December 19
21:57 2019

Stuart Sandall and Jordan Varner shaking hands with the Lobos

A Double Win for the Sand Devils!

The girls and boys Page High School basketball teams both won on Thursday night over the visiting Lobos of Many Farms High School.

The girls started it off with a solid 53-20 victory, but they did start a little slow. After period # 1 they led by a score of 11-10. But Coach Ryan Whitehorse must have made some sense during that first break because once period # 2 got started; the girls played great basketball and never looked back.

Leading the Lady Sand Devils was Miquedah Taliman with 14-points. Arianna Jenkins contributed 11-points. Meanwhile, Neve Redhair had six points.


Coach Justin Smith’s guys got off to a different kind of slow start in their 83-23 win over the Lobos. Nothing would go in the basket! In particular junior Stuart Sandall; who kept getting offensive rebounds, but then he’s put them back up and they’d come right back down without going in the old bucket.

But like the girls, everything eventually began to click for the Page guys. In fact, they had a 40-5 halftime lead.

Coach Smith talked to Lake Powell Communications after the game and said his back-up players did so very well in the second half.

“Yeah, I told my starters I just want three minutes from you (as the second half started),” he told them. “Give me three minutes. Play hard and remain focused.”

Coach Smith in the first half his starts played hard but just weren’t focused.

“I gave them three minutes and that’s the best three minutes we had the whole night,” said the coach.

Last week when Gabe Gomez went down because of injury, sophomore Maurice Smith stepped in and did so well for Page. This time around it was Dante Dunbar who stepped it up for his coach.

“I got after him (Dunbar) after the third quarter, and I said, ‘Hey, who’s my 6th man?’” said Smith. “And Dante went out and played real real hard.”

Coach Smith chuckled when he told us the game was actually better than he thought it would be.

“I wish we had been a little more focused” he added. “But you really can’t complain about an 83-23 win.”

Next up for both the girls’ and boys’ teams will be a tough match-up on the road at Snowflake. That will be this Saturday afternoon on the road.

In fact, after Thursday’s game, Coach Justin Smith told us he was going to go home and watch video of the Snowflake team.


Featured Photo: The Lady Sand Devils after Thursday’s win.

Two Wins for the Sand Devils! - overview

Summary: Two Wins for the Sand Devils!


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