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Two Page Chiefs Comment on Many Topics

Two Page Chiefs Comment on Many Topics
October 16
09:22 2019

Page Fire Chief Jeff Reed and Page Police Chief Drew Sanders, Tuesday night (10/15), held their first “Ask the Chief” event at the Page Public Safety Facility.

Those in attendance kept the two chiefs thinking and talking on numerous subjects. 

Among the things we learned: Both chiefs reminded us that hiring personnel, and keeping them here, is quite difficult in Page. It also seems to be that way with the schools here, too.

It was mentioned that in some respects Page is a training ground for firefighters and police officers. Chief Reed says he is actually aware of a fire station in the Vegas area that is filled with former firefighters from Page.

Chief Reed added that one of his department’s unique situations is the isolation factor. Unlike most other fire agencies in America and Canada, he doesn’t have the neighboring backup fire departments that can assist his Page Fire Department.

The Fire Department in Page has 18 full-time positions, according to the chief. The Police department has 24-full time positions, but they are not all filled at this time.

Among the other subjects discussed was public intoxication. What we learned from both chiefs is they there’s no easy solution to the problem. It was ironic that among the audience Tuesday night was Page City Councilor Mark Cormier because he had brought up safety concerns at Page City Park over this very same issue at last week’s City Council meeting.

On this public intoxication issue,  Chief Sanders said simply, “We are not going to arrest our way out of this.”

In relation to that problem, Sanders praised his officers for the compassion they show for those who suffer from chemical dependency. 

He agreed with an audience member that ideally Tribal leaders should be involved in addressing the problem.

The police chief also said there is a real drug problem in Page, the most concerning of which is the increased availability and use of fentanyl. 

On the bright side, Chief Sanders ended the event with a very positive note, that this is an exciting time in Page, and after just six months as Police Chief, he knows he plans on staying right here in Page.

Two Page Chiefs Comment on Many Topics - overview

Summary: Ask the Chief with Page Police Chief Drew Sanders and Fire Chief Jeff Reed.


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