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Tourism Looking Good for Page

Tourism Looking Good for Page
May 01
13:19 2015

If you watched the show, G.I. Joe, you would understand that, “knowing is half the battle.”

As for the battle for increased tourism, a meeting last night at City Hall (April 30th) armed the citizens and businesses of Page with the knowledge they Tourism Baoardneeded to market effectively.

Thomas Combrink, a Senior Research Specialist from the Center for Business Outreach at Frankie College of Research, gave a roughly hour-long powerpoint presentation pertaining to a visitor survey, to discuss the different aspects of tourism in the Page area.

The report detailed what brings tourists to Page, how long they stay, how much money they generally spend, how they travel to Page, and numerous other aspects on the topic of tourism.

Combrink, who had been doing tourism surveys for twenty-five years, said Page has been doing extremely well.

Here is a quick summary of the statistics that he presented.

Half of visitors were from out-of-state (51%), 44% were international visitors; only one in 20 (5%) was an Arizona resident. ·

Out-of-state domestic visitors were led by California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, Illinois, and Colorado. ·

Most Arizona residents were from Maricopa County (55%), especially Phoenix, Sun City, Chandler and Mesa; about one in 10 (11%) was from the Tucson area; the remaining third (34%) were spread throughout the state; in all, 26 communities were in the sample.

· Two of every five visitors (44%) were internationals, led by those from Germany, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom, and France. In all, 38 countries were captured in the sample.

· The vast majority (79%) were first-time visitors to Page; the rest (21%) were repeat visitors.

· Two-thirds of visitors (62%) traveled with family members; another 17% traveled in groups with family and friends.

· Average party size was three persons, with median of two persons; a small percentage of parties (11%) traveled with children under 18 years.

· Three-fourths were overnight visitors (72%) while one-fourth (28%) were day visitors.

· Average overnight length-of-stay in Page was 2.2 days.

· The vast majority of visitors traveled by automobile; either rental cars (53%) or private vehicles (37%).

· The top source of travel information was the internet/online used by half of visitors (50%), followed by word-of-mouth (26%), while a small percentage had visited before (16%).

· By far, the top reason for the visit was leisure (80%).

· For the vast majority (77%) the visit to Page was not the primary destination of their trip; for the remainder (23%) the visit was one stop on a longer trip.

· The main destinations for those passing through were Grand Canyon National Park, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.

· Virtually everyone stayed in paid lodging – motel/hotel (60%), B & B (25%), or campground/RV (12%). Nine of 10 visitor parties (91%) said it was not difficult to find lodging.

You can find the full ninety-five page report with the survey on

Featured picture: Thomas Combrink Giving Presentation

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