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Three Cheers for Whom; the FLDS Prosecutors?

Three Cheers for Whom; the FLDS Prosecutors?
February 03
11:07 2017
Sam Brower

Sam Brower

The US Attorney for Utah was evidently in St. George recently patting the backs of those who prosecuted the FLDS food stamp fraud case. His name is John Huber, and he is the lead law enforcement official in the state.

Church leaders had been accused of having their followers apply for SNAP benefits (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) from the government, and turning the benefits over to them; church leaders. In all, it amounted to millions of dollars.

But while this case led to guilty pleas, there was no jail time, no probation and no restitution.

Lake Powell Communications spoke with Brenda Nicholson about the case. Brenda was one of the lucky ones, who escaped the FLDS cult with her husband and six children a few years ago. She told us that the lack of punishment in this came, she believes, will just lead to more fraud in the future.

Author Sam Brower had strong words when he learned of the meeting in St. George between Huber and the prosecutors:

Lyle Jeffs

Lyle Jeffs

“I am shocked to hear the US Attorney’s office say that they are proud to have been able to prove the theory that the FLDS commit welfare fraud!!! It was my understanding (after decades in the criminal justice field) that the prosecutor’s office was in the business of meting out justice to those who commit legitimate crimes, on behalf of the victims of those crimes. I have never before heard such a plethora of excuses following a “successful prosecution”, such as: “…[probation] would have been impractical because the defendants all live in such remote places.” The spin placed on the prosecution’s emphasis of putting an impotent conviction on the books, as opposed to pursuing their mandate of prosecuting crimes, is at least evidence of one thing – the emperor has no clothes!!!”

Meanwhile we asked Brenda about the defendant who got away; Lyle Jeffs, who jumped bail and his whereabouts remain unknown. Brenda believes he will eventually get caught. But she added, quote…”But I don’t think he’ll really face much in the way of consequences.”

Sam Brower, who more or less was the one who put Warren Jeffs in prison for life, doesn’t believe we’ll ever see Lyle Jeffs again.

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