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There Will Be Fireworks on the 4th in Page America

There Will Be Fireworks on the 4th in Page America
July 01
18:56 2020

It Will Be An Exiting 4th of July in Page


There was a special meeting of Page City Council Wednesday night, with just three topics on the quick agenda.

1) Getting the folks of Page to mask-up.”

2) The purchase of three outdoor electric signs for the city

3) Will there be a fireworks display in Page on the 4th of July, this Saturday?

We’ll turn to # 3 first; there will be an exciting fireworks display in Page on Saturday night when light turns to dark. The motion passed quickly.

Prior to the unanimous vote, City Manager Darren Coldwell said he was quite confident with the effort put forward to this point.

“I feel comfortable with the work staff has out forward to make this a safe and successful show,” said Mr. Coldwell.

Because f the COVID-19 pandemic, as previously reported, there will be no 4th of July parade this year, or any special activities at the City Park in honor of the holiday.

Going back to #1 on Wednesday’s agenda: “Mask-Up.”

Darren Coldwell

The word has been going around the city for a while now, especially in light of the recent rise of COVID-19 cases in Arizona.

Many vendors around the city received many flyers this past Friday and Monday urging folks to wear their masks.

On Thursday of this week, residents can expect to find one of the thousands of inserts in their mail printed by the city, that provide the COVID-19 CDC guidelines, as well as the “mask-up” poster.

# 2 on Wednesday agenda was the purchase of three outdoor electric signs, urging people to wear their masks and to stay safe.

While these three signs will be purchased by the city at a cost in the 45-thousand dollar range, they will not be ready for delivery for several weeks.

But the City Council, in the meantime, approved the rental of two large electric signs will be immediately moved here from St. George, and will be up and running for the holiday weekend.

The signs will also be aimed at pushing safety in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, urging the use of masks and social distancing.

The use of the two rental signs will run the city in the neighborhood of $4,000. They will be station at the north and south entrances to page. They will be used for up to six weeks, as we await the arrival of the city’s three permanent signs.

The vote to purchase the signs, and to rent two in the interim, was unanimous.

After the meeting City Manager Coldwell told lake Powell Communications, “The city is excited to offer the fireworks once again for its residents.”

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