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There is Hope for NGS says Mayor Diak

There is Hope for NGS says Mayor Diak
October 10
10:00 2017

Mayor Diak


Last week’s Friday edition of the Arizona Daily Sun brought with it an editorial aimed at city leaders in Page. The editorial more or less was telling city leaders to get going on preparing the town for the closing of the Navajo Generating Station. It came after a study by Northern Arizona University showed that Page will lose 51-Million dollars a year when the facility closes, as scheduled, at the end of 2019.

We spoke this week to Mayor Bill Diak of Page about the editorial, and while he appreciated their thoughts, and that some of their points were correct, he thinks there’s still life for the Navajo Generating Station. He sees it in operation beyond 2019.

“It can continue to operate, it just needs some new owners,” said the Mayor. “The owners that are in there now are making a business decision that they do not want to continue the operation. That doesn’t mean the operation can’t continue with different owners.”

He believes, as the Navajo Nation reported last week, that there are people interested in that power plant.

“There’s a lot of infrastructure out there that can be utilized for many many years, including all the power lines that go all over the Southwest.”

He believes talks are going on between viable entities and the Navajo Nation. But he adds that the city is not privy to those conversations.

“But that doesn’t mean we should sit back on our laurels and wait for something to happen,” he added. “We need to be proactive. It’s about trying to move forward, thinking outside the box and looking at all our options.”

He adds that positive thinking is always a good thing, too.

“It may not materialize, but I just want to stay on the positive side (about NGS), and say it can happen.”

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