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The Trip across America

March 23
13:11 2015

By Aaron KellarWelcome to Page small pic

Thanks to a computer genius, you can now plan a road trip vacation across the United States, stopping at a popular landmark or historical site in each state along the way. And Randy Olson hasn’t forgotten the beauty of Page!

Using his knowledge of algorithms, Olson was able to program an algorithm on his computer to find the most efficient and scenic route across the United States in a combined driving time of 9.33 days, given you didn’t stop for gas or sleep at all along the way.

The route only covers the 48 mainland states and leaves out Alaska and Hawaii, because you would have to take a plane or drive through Canada.

To make the trip worthwhile, however, you would want to take a 2-3 month hiatus from your normal life, if you want to do everything that can be done, such as take tours, hike the trails, take some pictures, or film a National Lampoon’s Vacation sequel.  (Just make sure to put the dog back in the car before you drive off).

The road trip can be started in either of the cities listed on the map and you can go either way, as long as you utilize the designated roads.

Travelers, who are brave enough and have enough time to do this trip, will be venturing through our very own Page, Arizona, as they make their way to or from Bryce Canyon in Utah via US 89. A section of US 89 near Page has been closed since February 2013, following a landslide that collapsed the roadway, but is scheduled to reopen this Friday (March 27th).

Page is the perfect spot to drive through, because we have much to see and do in our area.  Road trippers will be reluctant to haul a boat with them, so they can take a cruise around Lake Powell, or bring a UTV or ATV and explore our majestic mountainous areas. Page offers limitless opportunities for entertainment and exploration.  Even the drive to the local retail store comes with a scenic view that you could only find in a postcard.

Other notable areas of the trip include: Pikes Peak in Colorado, Hoover Dam Bypass in Nevada, San Francisco, California, Glacier National Park, Montana, Mount Rushmore National Monument in South Dakota, Cleveland, Ohio, the Mark Twain House & Museum in Connecticut, the Statue of Liberty in New York and many more.

Grab a driving buddy or the whole crew and get ready for a scenic round trip across the American landscape.

If you are interested in the precise route, you can see the map at:

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