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The Town of Tusayan Getting Back to Normal

The Town of Tusayan Getting Back to Normal
November 29
17:46 2019

UPDATE 12/1/19

The town of Tusayan thanks everyone for pitching in and supporting this community. The skies have cleared, and while temperatures got -6 degrees overnight, people (residents, visitors and others) have been helping neighbors clear snow and return to normalcy after this weekend’s record storm.

The power was restored in the early hours after nearly 24 hours of being unavailable. Roads are passable and area businesses are now open.

The town thanks Coconino County Emergency Management, the American Red Cross, Arizona Department of Transportation, Tiffany Construction, the Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon Sanitary District and others for the swift response to this crisis. The town also appreciates the outpouring of support from people from across the state, especially the media coverage that helped people know where they could go to get to safety and warmth.


The town of Tusayan has declared a state of emergency due to substantial snow (almost two feet), lack of electrical power since 3 a.m., unsafe and impassable roads, and shortages of fuel.

“We are working to arrange emergency shelter at the National Park, in buses, and at other locations,” said Mayor Craig Sanderson. “We are working with the County Emergency Management team, ADOT, APS and the National Park Service with a priority on clearing roads.”

More than 1,000 people and tourists are now in Tusayan with no power or heat.

“Getting the roads open is the main thing we need,” said Sanderson. “The County and ADOT are working to make it possible to safely travel state route 64.”

The Town Council and staff are also working to get information out to the community and to people in need.

The American Red Cross has deployed staff and is ready to assist. They have set-up an emergency shelter at the Horace Albright Training Center located inside Grand Canyon National Park. Persons needing a shuttle ride to the shelter should call 928.638.7302.

The Town of Tusayan Getting Back to Normal - overview

Summary: The Town of Tusayan Declares an Emergency


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