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The Three NGS Towers Are Coming Down This Friday

The Three NGS Towers Are Coming Down This Friday
December 15
08:15 2020

A plane flew by Oct. 29, when the original towers were being brought down

The landscape to the east of Page and the north of Lechee will change forever this Friday morning. At around 8:30 Friday, December 18, the three towers at the former Navajo Generating Station will be brought down together by explosives.

That was the word Monday afternoon (Dec. 14) from George Hardeen, the longtime spokesperson for the Salt River Project (SRP), owner of NGS as it ceased to produce electricity in November of last year.

Mr. Hardeen told us that SRP that due to COVID-19 concerns they are not holding any kind of event with the bringing down of the towers.

“The site itself will be completely closed, including to all contractors,” said Hardeen.

The indications are that this will be a pretty loud explosion. But, depending on where you might be standing, you could see the explosion before you actually see the towers react because light moves much quicker than sound.

The time the towers will fall is scheduled for “around” 8:30. But, according to Hardeen, it could be a little before that.

“There’s going to be people around the site with walkie-talkies, and everything is going to be checked,” he said. “If everything is in order, they can do it within minutes prior to that.”

It was about six weeks ago that the original three smokestacks at NGS were brought down by explosives. But they had been trimmed to just about 200-feet years ago. They were replaced in the 1990’s by the three tall stacks coming down Friday. They stand at 775-feet tall.

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The Three NGS Towers Are Coming Down This Friday - overview

Summary: The Three NGS Towers Are Coming Down Friday (Dec. 18)


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