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The Snow Storm Hits the South Rim

The Snow Storm Hits the South Rim
November 29
13:14 2019

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Please note: South Rim shelters closed on Sunday!


Thanksgiving night was not a good night for many of those at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. According to ABC-15 in Phoenix, a foot of snow fell overnight and power was lost. It was not expected to be restored until Friday evening.

It was estimated that about a thousand tourists were staying at lodges at the South Rim and some of those lodges did not have backup power.

According to the report, Yavapai Lodge did have power; but no heat!

Emergency shelters were being set-up for tourists and residents who didn’t have heat and power.

Roads leading to and from the South Rim and the town of Tusayan were being plowed so that people could get out of the area.

(The pictures do not depict this particular snow storm)

The Snow Storm Hits the South Rim - overview

Summary: The Snow Storm Hits the South Rim


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