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The Navajo Nation to N. Carolina on Skates!!

The Navajo Nation to N. Carolina on Skates!!
August 14
08:11 2020

 A ‘Purdy’ Good Idea


Daisy Purdy (Facebook)

A Flagstaff woman found a “Purdy” cool way to make use of her roller skates.

Daisy Purdy is near the end of her 2,000-mile cross country trek, starting from the Navajo Nation and ending at the Eastern Band of Cherokee reservation in North Carolina.

She is raising funds to support the work of Navajo Ph.D. Tommy Rock and his all-Indigenous research team who study the devastating environmental and health impacts of abandoned uranium mines on tribal lands.

Purdy said she was inspired by the work Dr. Rock was doing and wanted to find a way to do something to help.


As Purdy works magic on her roller skates, she continues the legacy of the wizard who first invented them – Merlin.

No, not the Merlin of Camelot fame, John Joseph Merlin if Belgium.

In 1760 Merlin introduced his latest invention in an unforgettable way. Though not exactly as he planned it.

In his head, Merlin saw himself rolling into a swanky masquerade party while deftly playing his violin. But even an inventor with a magical name can miscalculate his entrance.

Merlin invented roller skates – but he hadn’t figured out how to turn! Nor had he practiced roller skating much before he attempted to awe the onlookers.

As a result Merlin crashed straight into a large mirror and suffered severe cuts.

Luckily there were no mirrors in Purdy’s path. Though she did suffer a bit along her journey. She hadn’t skated for some time prior to her fundraiser, so she also made a miscalculation.

Her feet swelled and went numb. She had to get a pair of roller skates a size bigger. She wears multiple pairs of socks and compression socks to help deal with the swelling.

Just over a century after Merlin introduced the first pair of roller skates n record, in 1863, James Plimpton added trucks – springy carriages – that allowed a skater to turn by leaning in the direction they want to go in.

Roller skating was had an up and down history. There was a big craze in 1905 when skating rinks began popping up in East Coast cities and found its way to the West Coast.

Roller skating made its debut in Hollywood in Charlie Chaplin’s 1916 film “The Rink.”

Purdy said the reactions were mixed from the people she met along the way. Some ask why she’s wasting her time, while others hand over whatever change they can spare.

But Purdy is satisfied as she keeps rolling along. And she knows she’s doing something to help.

The Navajo Nation to N. Carolina on Skates!! - overview

Summary: Daisy Purdy traveling the Navajo Nation to N. Carolina on Roller Skates!!


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