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The meadow Mountain Massacre: 160 Years Later

The meadow Mountain Massacre: 160 Years Later
September 13
09:53 2017

John D. Lee

160 years ago a massacre occurred in Utah, and on Saturday (9/9) the victims were finally acknowledged properly. A skull of a child who was a victim was returned to the site and buried with the rest of the bones, after being held at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington, DC.

Back in the days of manifest destiny and mass migration, lots of incidents and death were common place. Most people will recall the Donner Party incident, but one incident that is lesser known is the Mountain Meadow Massacre.

Perhaps the reason this tragedy is not well known is because of the controversy that surrounds it, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ alleged involvement.

The big controversy is the fact that John D. Lee, of Lees Ferry lore, was the only person held responsible for the massacre. Lee was executed 20 years after the killings of 120 Arkansas migrants on their way to California.

For years the Paiute Indians were held responsible until Lee was convicted and sentenced to death.

Brigham Young, the then Mormon prophet, reportedly hired the Paiute to help his militiamen in the massacre. It has been labeled as an act of anger and disdain and stems from the persecution of Mormons throughout their history.

The LDS Church maintains the historical landmark and will continue to work with the victims descendants to honor them.

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