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The Latest on NGS

The Latest on NGS
March 17
14:10 2017

Native American “environmental” organizations within the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Tribe were apparently miffed at not being included in the recent Washington, DC meeting concerning the Navajo Generating Station. That 2-day meeting was put together by the Bureau of Reclamation and included those who have a financial stake in NGS.

Yesterday in Flagstaff a meeting was held by the bureau for these organizations. They were promised to not be ignored in the future.

As far as NGS goes, nothing new has popped-up recently, news-wise. That means the plant is slated to close completely this summer, or in three years. A representative for the Bureau of Reclamation at yesterday’s meeting said no one has come forward yet with plans to keep it open beyond 2019.

The reason we do not know if it will stay open until this summer, or 2019, is still the “lease agreement.”

Right from the start, when it was announced by the Salt River Project earlier this year that NGS will continue operating until December 2019, it was said that a lease agreement “must” be worked out. Otherwise the plant shuts down this summer. The lease agreement would be between SRP and other owners, and the Navajo Nation.

As of last report, nothing has been reported on where the lease agreement talks currently stand. Without the agreement, nothing else would matter and the plants would shut its doors this June or July.

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