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The Lady and the Taurus; A 3-State Chase

March 12
08:39 2020

Three States Involved in Police Chase with Elderly Woman


A 71-year old woman found herself in the Washington County, Utah jail yesterday (March 11) after leading law enforcement from three states on a high-speed chase. It all began near Mesquite, Nevada on northbound I-15 when the lady in the Ford Taurus was clocked at a reported 95-MPH.

The lady would not pull over, period.

A high-speed chase ensued involving the Taurus and the Nevada Highway Patrol. It went north to the Arizona Stateline, where it was picked-up by Troopers with the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

She was not pulling over.

Near the Virgin River Gorge, a spike strip set by Troopers blew out one of the lady’s tires. But she kept ongoing.

According to reports, even after her front-left tire fell off, she kept right on going, though she apparently went down to about 45-MPH.

A pit maneuver eventually got the woman to stop, in Utah.  But she wasn’t getting out of the car and had to be dragged out by law enforcement officers.

During the process of dragging the 71-year old woman out of the Taurus, she let them know that she is not beholden to anyone, and she does not recognize law enforcement officers, and actually, does not recognize the government in general. She was identified as Cynthia Warren, no hometown reported.

It is presumed, though, that she does recognize the interior of the Purgatory Jail in Washington County. She is facing felony charges for putting so many people in danger.

In the end, there were no injuries during the three-state chase.

The Lady and the Taurus; A 3-State Chase - overview

Summary: Three States Involved in Police Chase with Elderly Woman


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