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The End – – NOT SO FAST

The End – –  NOT SO FAST
November 11
15:00 2019

George HardeeUPDATE:  Monday 3:45 P.M.

UPDATE: Monday, November 11, 2019, at 3:45 P.M.

The Navajo Generating Station WILL NOT be shutting down on Thursday, as had been reported. Because Unit-1 went down over the weekend unexpectedly, there is now more coal than had been anticipated that needs to be burned. Therefore, the actual shutdown is not known, but it will be very soon.


The Page Campus of CCC will host an event on Tuesday night called “A Look Back at the Navajo Generating Station.” Everyone is invited and George Hardeen will be the moderator. It begins at 6:30 P.M.

Previous report:

It’s really over very soon!

The Navajo Generating Station, that has been churning out electricity for more than forty years, will be turned off for the final time.

George Hardeen, of the Salt River Project, worked on the Navajo Nation for years with former Navajo President Joe Shirley Jr., before beginning his work in 2011 with NGS.

“‘Grief’ is an appropriate word to use right now, even though the guys (at the plant) might not use it,” said Hardeen. “It’s not like graduating from high school or college; it’s like having that school torn down. It’s a significant, emotional experience.”

He pointed out that during the week we spend more time at our job than we do at home.

“And so these guys are leaving their family, and these families are being dispersed,” he added.

The site of NGS is to be returned to its natural state. However, Mr. Hardeen pointed out that there are a few buildings that the Navajo Nation said they wanted to keep, including the administration building and the lake pump.

“But yes, when we look out from the airport, you will not see the stacks, you will not see the plant, and the land will be returned to its original state.”

Mr. Hardeen talked to us about Tuesday evening’s event at the Page Campus of CCC…..

“We have several of the workers who have been lined-up to talk. We’ll be talking about the history of the plant. Shane Jones, our maintenance manager will be there. And we’ll have some incredible photographs.”

Finally, George Hardeen talked about the NGS employees; “I like to tell people the guys I’ve worked with at NGS are the most dedicated, they have the most heart, and they’re the smartest people I’ve ever worked with.”


You can hear our entire interview with George Hardeen and CCC’s Kay Leum, here:


NGS – Navajo Generating Station Closing Shop Nov. 14



The End – – NOT SO FAST - overview

Summary: The End of a Long Era; NGS Shutting Down Thursday, November 14


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