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The City of Page Takes the 2020 Census Seriously

The City of Page Takes the 2020 Census Seriously
November 01
09:57 2019

We are counting down to the official count; Census 2020. And the City of Page wants to get the word out that it is very important to the city; it has the potential impact of millions of dollars in federal dollars for the city of Page.

According to Tim Suan, Page’s Community and Economic Development Director, each Page resident NOT counted in the 2020 census equates to a loss of $2,000 each year for ten years! In other words, for every Page resident who does not participate, it has the potential of losing twenty thousand dollars for the city.

If you’re worried about what you put on your census form, be aware that no other government agency has access to what you’ve said on the form. Plus, everything on the census form stays confidential for 72-years.

Locally, the census people can use workers to knock on doors and get the required information from each household. The job pays $14.50 an hour, plus 58-cents per mile.

If you’re interested, online go to

At a meeting last week in city council chambers, Mayor Levi Tappan, two former mayors listened to Mr. Suan and Kimberly Robinson from the Dallas Regional Census Center, explained to everyone the importance of getting the word out to everyone in the area.

Former Mayor Bill Diak spoke and said, “We have to educate our public.”

Mr. Suan suggested that it could be the children, though our schools, that might be the gateway to get the parents in Page involved in the 2020 census.


Featured Photo: Tim Suan explains aspects of Census 2020 to a gathering of Page city leaders

The City of Page Takes the 2020 Census Seriously - overview

Summary: The City of Page Takes the 2020 Census Seriously


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