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Terror Attack Simulation at Glen Canyon Dam

Terror Attack Simulation at Glen Canyon Dam
October 22
14:01 2015

At 8:00 a.m. Wednesday, the Page Police Department, Coconino County Sheriff’s Office and Department of Public Safety (DPS) SWAT Dam small picconducted an extensive training exercise at the Glen Canyon Dam.

The exercise was a terror simulation designed to prepare responding agencies in the event of a real terrorist attack.

In the simulation the Page Police Department and Coconino County Sheriff’s Office were the initial responders followed by DPS SWAT teams which were flown in from Phoenix on brand new aircraft from the Air Force.

The situation played out as hostages were taken at the Dam and the terrorists had accessed the control room.

The SWAT team split into two groups to rescue the hostages and regain control of the facility.

According to Lieutenant Larry Jones with the Page Police Department, “They had two different teams that broke up, went in, made access to the Dam, took back the control room, addressed some threats in the Dam and found some improvised explosive devices (IED) that were set up.”

The simulation also included Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians (EOD) that disabled the IEDs, and SWAT snipers who took live shots from the top of the Dam at predetermined targets located at the base of the Dam.

There will be another exercise at the Dam in December to prepare the administrative staff for their roles in the event of a terrorist attack.

(Photo Credit:  Bureau of Reclamation Public Affairs Specialist Chad Douglas).

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