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Tax Friendly Arizona

August 25
17:30 2014

AZ State SealKiplinger’s annual ranking of the 10 Most Tax-Friendly States includes Arizona.

Along with the 10 best are, of course, the 10 Least Tax-Friendly States in the U.S. along with an interactive online state-by-state Tax Map that gives users a detailed guide to various state taxes across the country. The ranking and online Tax Map compare a range of taxes—including income tax, sales tax, gas tax, and “sin” taxes on products like alcohol and tobacco—across different states.

And the winners and the losers are:

Kiplinger’s 10 Most Tax-Friendly States:

1.       Delaware
2.       Wyoming
3.       Louisiana
4.       Mississippi
5.       Alabama
6.       Arizona
7.       Nevada
8.       New Mexico
9.       South Carolina
10.    West Virginia

Kiplinger’s 10 Least Tax-Friendly States:

1.       California
2.       Connecticut
3.       New Jersey
4.       New York
5.       Hawaii
6.       Rhode Island
7.       Maine
8.       Minnesota
9.       Vermont
10.     Illinois

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