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Tax Fraud Getting Worse

August 05
16:24 2014

Identity TheftAccording to the Arizona state Department of Revenue, the filing of fraudulent income tax returns has reached an epidemic level. That’s according to Anthony Forschino, who is the assistant director for criminal investigations at the revenues department.

According to the state, Arizonans should be extra cautious about sharing personal information, as tax fraud is growing so fast. Tax fraud is described as someone who files a false income tax return. Forschino says that over the past 12-months his agency stopped more than $74-Million in fraudulent refunds from being sent out. Those figures are more than double the previous year.

What has happened is, there are a lot of people out there filing false returns, either for dead people or people they’re stealing identities from.” – Anthony Forschino (assistant director for criminal investigations with the Arizona Department of Revenues)

Forschino went on to say that the advent of electronic filing has made it possible for crooks sitting at computers anywhere in the world to use stolen identities to file bogus tax returns and collect fraudulent funds. He points out that this crime is not limited to the state of Arizona, as the IRS has report paying out almost $4-Billion to these criminals.

Forschino says the best way for us to protect our identities is by taking extra measures to guard our personal information.

Just watch for all these things that are going on, all these phishing things that are out there with people asking for account numbers or Social Security numbers. Make sure you’re shreading things that have confidential information on them, because they’re going to be out there trying to find it anywhere they can.” – Anthony Forschine

He says the Department of Revenues is working with the IRS, other states and law enforcement agencies to share information and develop strategies to combat tax fraud.

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