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Tappan Asks Nez to Consider Reopening Antelope Point Marina & Antelope Canyon

Tappan Asks Nez to Consider Reopening Antelope Point Marina & Antelope Canyon
May 02
06:13 2020

On April 30, 2020, Page Mayor Levi Tappan sent this letter to Navajo President Nez 

Dear President Nez,

Mayor Levi Tappan

I want to let you know how I admire the way you are guiding the Navajo Nation through the COVID-19 crisis. From our first meeting at your inauguration, you exemplify a true leader during this crisis, continually advocating for the citizens of the Nation.

Like you, I have always taken great care to provide a safe and clean environment for not only the residents of Page, but for our neighbors on the Navajo Nation, as well. It is especially important in times like these that we work much closer together. We have the resources, supplies and medical care in Page that our people in Lechee, Coppermine, Bodaway-Gap, Kaibeto, Shonto, Tonalea, Tuba City, Bitter Springs, Kayenta and Chilchinbito depend on.

We also know how important health and immunity are to combating the COVID-19 virus.

Research has shown that:

Being outdoors boosts your energy

Being outdoors is easier to exercise to help prevent diabetes and obesity

Being outdoors is good for your vision and cardiovascular system

Natural sunlight helps to mitigate pain

Navajo President Jonathan Nez

Being outdoors boosts your immune system to help fight these viruses

Being outdoors helps to fight seasonal effective disorder

Being outdoors helps give you your daily dose of Vitamin-D

Being outdoors helps to prevent depression that leads to alcoholism/drug abuse

As I am sure you are aware, The National Park Service has now opened the boat launch at Antelope Point’s neighboring facility, Wahweap Marina. In conjunction with the Arizona and Utah Game and Fish Departments, they have created guidelines that boaters must follow to be allowed to launch their vessel. These efforts have shown The National Park Service how to implement guidelines to operate the launch area safely.

It s my hope that myself, as Mayor of Page, and you, as President of the Navajo Nation, can work closely together to implement a similar plan to allow access to Antelope Point Marina, as well as Antelope Canyon and other outdoor Tribal parks. I understand you have a new Visitor Center that was just about to open at Upper Antelope Canyon before this devastating disease spread across the world. We can take steps to mitigate the risk in a safe and thoughtful way to implement the reopening of our great outdoors to our locals.

For all our physical and mental health, be well.



Levi Tappan

Mayor, City of Page



Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

Senator Jamescita Peshlakai

Congressman Tom O’Halleran

Arizona Game & Fish Flagstaff Regional Supervisor  Scott Poppenberger

Glen Canyon National Park Service Superintendent Billy Shott

Navajo Nation Speaker Seth Damon

Navajo Nation Vice President Myron Lizer

Navajo nation Economic Development Executive Director J. T. Willie

Navajo Nation Department of Health Executive Director Dr. Jill Jim

Navajo Nation Lechee Chapter President Jerry Williams







Tappan Asks Nez to Consider Reopening Antelope Point Marina & Antelope Canyon - overview

Summary: Mayor Tappan Asks President Nez to Consider Reopening Antelope Point Marina & Antelope Canyon


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