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Suspect Will Be Back; But When?

Suspect Will Be Back; But When?
May 17
14:21 2017

Why isn’t Derrick Shawn Barnett in a jail cell in Coconino County awaiting trial? The 29-year old Grand Junction, Colorado man is accused in the double murder of an elderly couple north of Williams in early May. He was arrested near Delores, Colorado days later, so why isn’t he here?


Well, according to the Commander of Operations for the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, Rex Gilliland, it’s complicated. The suspect will be here….eventually, but we don’t know when.

The problem, as Gilliland explained to Lake Powell Communications, is that Barnett is facing serious charges in Colorado, too; numerous charges. And while these Colorado charges aren’t as serious as “murder,” at least some are felonies.

Not only that, as Gilliland explained, Colorado prosecutors have a clock to contend with. All accused people have a right to a speedy trial, and if Barnett was to be extradited to Arizona now, their clock might run-out and they might not be able to prosecute.

The suspect and his attorney(s) could put together an agreement with Colorado prosecutors to put that charges on hold, but again, it gets complicated.

The Commander says, yes, the same is true in Arizona. There’s a clock ticking here, too. But because he’s not here, the clock might be put on hold.

Meanwhile, Arizona prosecutors could seek a “governor’s warrant” from the office of the Colorado governor. But it’s also a time-consuming process.

According to Commander Gilliland, it would likely be different if the suspect, Barnett, was an Arizona resident. In that case he might desire to be back here so that he could have the support of his family and be quick to waive extradition. But the fact is, for family support, he is home right now in Colorado.

It’s now in the hands of prosecutors in Montezuma County, Colorado. If they, and the suspect, work out a deal to put these serious Colorado charges on hold, then we might see this murder suspect back in Coconino County, but it still won’t be soon.

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