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Survey Shows More Money Wanted for Coconino County Roads

February 07
14:37 2014

HighwayCoconinoCountyAccording to a recent survey, Coconino County residents want more money to go towards keeping county roads maintained. The survey of 1,200 likely Coconino County voters found that most support raising additional revenue to continue maintenance services.

Due to Federal funding cuts and lagging state revenue, current road maintenance revenue remains at 1998 levels, which is not sufficient. The County projects a $100 million budget shortfall over 10 years. To complicate the issue, gas tax rates have not been adjusted for inflation for over 20 years. Plus there are more fuel-efficient vehicles and gas sales are declining.

The survey, conducted between Oct. 23 and Nov. 12 by GlobaLocal Visions, LLC, highlights the attitudes of voters living in and around Flagstaff and other areas of the County. The survey found that residents supported raising sales tax revenue to support current levels of road maintenance.

“Reductions in funding for road maintenance have greatly impacted our transportation infrastructure. Survey results show that residents value our roads greatly, but the County is unable to sustain the costs associated with maintaining our transportation needs with 1998 revenue levels. This survey is just one of many tools we are using to better understand our citizen’s desired level of road-related services and support for funding the costs associated with that level of service.”
–Matt Ryan, County Board of Supervisors Chairman

Other key findings of the survey include:

  • 55 percent of likely County voters support increasing the County’s sales tax to maintain the current level of road maintenance and repair.
  • Voters value snow plowing services, which allow for the safe travel of residents, commuters and school children.
  • Voters understand that a lack of investment in road maintenance leads to more costly road repairs and reconstruction in the future. They also recognize that poor roads result in costly vehicle repairs.
  • Although many voters believe County roads are in good shape, many complain of too many potholes.

County officials also plan to work with federal and state lawmakers to restore transportation funding, which will ease some of the financial pressure on the County, but not all.

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