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Supreme Court Approves Arizona Redistricting

Supreme Court Approves Arizona Redistricting
April 21
14:44 2016

The 30 legislative districts drawn by a special commission for the State of Arizona a half-decade ago are A-OK with the US Supreme Court. That was the unanimous ruling announced this week.

Some Republicans, including the Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan, felt the districts were rendered unconstitutional because an effort wasn’t made by the commission to create a fair an equitable plan. The court declared there was no political bias in the redistricting.

In a quote from Justice Stephen Breyer, he said the constitution does not require mathematical perfection. The commission complied with the Voter’s Right Act, according to Breyer.

The independent commission that drew-up the new legislative boundaries included two Republicans and two Democrats, plus a fifth member chosen by the first four.

Prior to this century it was state lawmakers who were responsible for creating the legislative districts. But that method usually left the majority party in the legislature benefiting from their districting.

Justice Breyer agreed that it might seem that the Democrats ended up on the winning end of the new districts, but he insinuated that it couldn’t be helped. Why? Because the districting had to make it so minorities have a chance to choose someone of their choice.

Mark Hearne, an attorney who represented Republicans, felt the re-districting left Democrats with an advantage. He claims the commission hurt the Republicans. Obviously, the US Supreme Court disagrees.

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