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Supermoon, Perseid Meteor Showers and Thunderstorms

August 11
15:27 2014

Meteor ShowerThere’s a lot happening in the night sky overhead. The August full “supermoon”, which peaked Sunday night may look a even little bigger and brighter than normal – in fact, 14% bigger and 30% brighter.  The reason is because the moon is at lunar perigee, when it is closest to Mother Earth.  The moon is actually about 30,000 miles closer to the Earth than normal. The supermoon is still 96% full for tonight’s viewing.

Another full “supermoon”  happens on the night of September 9, but this one  is the closest to earth.

Ready for still another night sky event? The annual Perseid meteor shower is on the way. One of the most vibrant meteor showers of the year with nearly 60 to 100 meteors in an hour from a dark place at peak. The problem is, the Perseid meteor shower will be competing with the very bright supermoon.  The Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight through this Wednesday. (the 13th)

Thunderstorms are also in our forecast all week long, which could impede viewing if cloudy skies are on hand. Hopefully, we’ll have clear skies one of these nights for our meteor viewing.

And of course, the best viewing is away from city lights.

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