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Stolen Sheep in Black Mesa?

Stolen Sheep in Black Mesa?
July 07
11:05 2015

Tom Yazzie wants people to be aware of a scheme in the Black Mesa area to steal sheep from elderly residents.

At least two people seem to be involved in the brazen theft that victimized his aunt, Mary Gilmore, last week, he said.

A woman – pretending to be a nurse conducting a health survey for Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation – approached Mary Gilmore to ask about her care and appointments, Yazzie explained.

“She took my aunt inside her home to ask her questions,” Yazzie said. “While she was in the house, the guy in the truck was taking sheep out of the corral. My aunt glanced out the window and saw the sheep’s head in the truck, so she ran outside. The woman ran to the truck and jumped in.”

The thieves made off with only one sheep then, but apparently slipped back later that evening to steal more, he said. When Yazzie’s sister, Theresa Little, had taken Gilmore to dinner in Kayenta, someone came back and stole three sheep, Yazzie said.

The rustlers are described as a man and a woman that appear to be native. They drive around in a white Ford pick-up truck, Yazzie said.

Gilmore described the woman as “a pretty girl, light complected,” Yazzie said. The woman spoke to his aunt in Navajo, he added.

“She didn’t really get a look at the man,” Yazzie said.

Both suspects are thought to be 30 to 40 years old.


Black Mesa

Yazzie said he is still trying to find out more information about the pair and any possible thefts.

“My aunt told her sister (Maxine Kescoli) and she reported it to Peabody Coal,” Yazzie said. “What happened after that, I don’t know.”

The thieves had also tried to victimize Kescoli, who lives about a mile away from Gilmore.

“Other people have reported seeing a white truck driving around the area,” Yazzie said.

People are saying the pair use GPS to zoom into yards to see if there are people and sheep there, he added.

“I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what people are telling me,” he said.

Black Mesa is four thousand square miles of plateau land in the shape of a giant hand. Its shape was formed by the Pleistocene lake it once was.

Gilmore and Kescoli are the sisters of the late Navajo Code Talker Willie (Walter) K. Begay.




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