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SRP Says “Yes”

SRP Says “Yes”
May 19
10:56 2017

The lease agreement that would keep the Navajo Generating Station generating for another two and a half years looks promising right now. Two weeks ago Navajo President Russell Begaye expressed to Lake Powell Communication his excitement over the agreement, which produced a sigh of relief for many.

The latest good news is that the SRP (Salt River Project) Power Committee yesterday (5/18) voted unanimously to recommend that the full board approved the re-worked replacement lease for the plant.

That puts the ball in the Navajo Nation Council’s court. On Thursday Council received the lease agreement. A special session of council will likely be called so that a vote can be taken. It is believed that a two-thirds majority needs to say “yes” to the agreement. When (if) that happens, it will mean the Navajo Generating Station will stay put, producing electricity, until at least the end of 2019.

Those two extra years will mean time for a lot of leg work attempting to find life for the plant beyond 2019.

Recently, Navajo Vice President Jonathan Nez suggested to Lake Powell Communications that he has confidence that the plant will keep operating at least until 2029.

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