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South Navajo Hit and Run

South Navajo Hit and Run
February 17
10:03 2017

Early Thursday morning at 3:15 on a quiet South Navajo Dr in Page, the quiet was suddenly put on hold with an eruption of sound! It seems a 2010 Ford Fusion, innocently parked on the street, was hit from behind solidly by a passing vehicle.

The owner of the car and his twin boy and girl were awakened by the clatter, threw some clothes on and ran outside. They saw that their car was probably totaled, but the vehicle that caused the damage was nowhere to be seen.

That’s called “hit & run.”

“I woke up from the dead,” the victim told Lake Powell Communications.

Page Police were alerted, and according to the Ford’s owner they were very quick to respond and begin their investigation.

In less than six hours police had found the driver of the vehicle that struck the innocent Ford Fusion. No details about finding the driver have been released by the police. So we don’t know if the driver may have been under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication.

What we do know is that the innocent car was very likely totaled in the crash. But according to the owner, the person who drove into his vehicle was insured!

The car’s owner told us that among other things he had a new set of golf clubs in the trunk. Hopefully insurance will cover his new driver and sand wedge.

Numerous efforts to get a report from the Page Police on Thursday failed. It is assumed the investigation is continuing.

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