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NGS Noise Continues Wednesday and Thursday

NGS Noise Continues Wednesday and Thursday
June 16
01:20 2021

Page residents will hear substantial explosions around dinner time over the next two days coming from the Navajo Generating Station. 

Forty huge, 40-foot-tall concrete and rebar pedestals that support the NGS turbine deck will continue to be demolished today and Thursday. The “loud” work began Tuesday night.

The demolition will begin this evening at 6:30 with Unit 1, which went online in 1974. 

NGS has 14 pedestals supporting each unit of the turbine deck. A successful test blast of two pedestals on Unit 1 took place on April 23. Wednesday’s and Thursday’s demolitions will also be at 6:30 pm. 

The blasts will occur over three days to give the explosives contractor a full day to prepare and load each pedestal for demolition. 

The demolition will bring the massive, cylindrical turbines where electricity was made to the ground while leaving much of the building standing. 

Residents should consider keeping their pets inside at the time of the explosions. 

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We thank the Sale River Project’s George Hardeen for sharing this information with us!

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