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SNAP Funding Reduction

September 04
21:42 2013
Snap Funding

Snap Funding

SNAP or food stamp benefits will see funding reduced starting in November. The cuts are a result of the expiration of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. In Arizona, One-point-one-million people will be affected and have less money to spend on groceries. The Association of Arizona Food Banks President Angie Rodgers says food banks will not be able to make up the difference. Already she says, for most families, food stamps don’t last the entire month,

Unfortunately food stamps, SNAP, in Arizona really only last our families about three weeks. So, we’re already seeing them in our food pantries and our food banks to be able to supplement for the rest of the month.

She adds food banks are already struggling to meet increased needs of people since the recession. The average payment per person in Arizona is $124.66 per month.

Meanwhile in Utah, after a busy summer, a one-month donation drive is now underway to help replenish the Utah Food Bank supply. Last year, a similar fund-raiser netted a record amount from AARP-Utah’s 211,000 members. This year the organization is asking its members statewide to donate to the Utah Food Bank in September, and it will match the first 85-hundred dollars in donations. While many believe the Utah economy is improving, Ginette Bott with the Utah Food Bank says they continue to see high numbers of families at food pantry sites and the decreased funding nationwide in November is expected to put additional demands on food banks this winter.

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